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Estate AdministrationEugene & Lane County, Oregon

The passing of a family member or friend is a difficult and emotional time. Settling a person’s affairs, including paying debts and transferring assets to beneficiaries, can be complicated and challenging.


Often the probate process is necessary to appropriately settle a person’s estate and ensure property and assets are properly transferred. Probate is a court process by which a judge supervises the estate’s administration. Having an attorney to help navigate the probate process and file the proper forms and notices can be critical. Probate may be necessary whether or not an individual has a Will. If a person does not have a Will upon death, the courts will distribute the estate based on Oregon law, which currently means the estate would be given to the next of kin.

Small Estates

Oregon offers an alternative to probate for estates under a certain value by filing a small estate affidavit. This process must be done properly to be effective, but it can be a much less expensive alternative to the regular probate process in Oregon.

Trust Administration

Certain estate plans may have trusts holding the assets of a decedent or require the creation of a trust. It is very important that trusts are set up properly and administered according to the trust agreement and Oregon law. As an estate planning attorney, I can can assist with this process.

Please contact me to discuss probate or estate administration whether you just have a few questions or need someone to represent you through the process.